We were looking into moving here five years ago. We did not know anything about the Virginia area before moving here so we were looking for someone that is familiar with the communities and would help us not only transition to a new house but a whole new environment. Elizabeth was immediately recommended by her broker. Elizabeth is very personable and detail oriented. Working with Elizabeth made this process go very smoothly including all of the paperwork and negotiating. Her personality to truly what differentiates herself. She is someone that you can pick up the phone and get honest and helpful answers to questions that may be really important to you but to some people might seem silly. We were comfortable asking her anything. She was very quick to respond to us. I honestly asked her opinion on a lot of things because we were new to the area. Elizabeth is knowledgeable, experienced, and she is truly not just out there trying to buy and sell houses, she wants to build relationships with her clients that will continue after the deal is over.Kellie and Matt Gentile I have had so many transactions with her now. I would say that working with Elizabeth has always been an easy experience, which is not often the case with real estate transactions. She relieves me from a lot of the stress of buying and selling a home and puts it upon herself so that it is a relatively painless process. Elizabeth is very easy going, hard working, committed and extremely caring. She really cares that the transaction goes smoothly and without stress. Elizabeth has differentiated herself from other agents by her devotion to being honest. In some of the transactions we have had the other parties have not been particularly honest but Elizabeth always makes sure that she keeps us well informed and adheres to the rules and regulations. If you go with Elizabeth you will get an agent who is really working for you on your behalf and wants the best for you.Glenn and LeeAnn Dance When we started working with Elizabeth, we immediately knew that we were working with someone the would be dedicated to our needs, would answer all of our questions, and was incredibly thorough. Something that became abundantly clear was that she was a realtor with integrity so she became someone that we knew that we could trust. Throughout the process any questions we had she answered articulately and in a way that we knew that she understood the process very well. We were especially appreciative of the fact that she was willing to take me around the neighborhood to see all of the comps, all of the houses that were on the market similar to ours so that I was very clear the thought process behind the price we set for our house. Elizabeth is dedicated, articulate and professional. She is someone that works with integrity. Elizabeth really does go the extra mile for her clients but also someone who follows the rules. It is evident that she really does understand what it takes to sell a home. She gave us changes that we could make that would not be expensive to do, but would make it easier for people to envision themselves in our home. Elizabeth differentiated herself from other agents we have known by making us feel like we were the only client she had. She has great attention to detail and made herself available whenever we needed her. I also really appreciate that she has a vast network of individuals that we could utilize because of the connections she has in the industry. When we ran into an issue with the purchaser of our home due to their lack of honesty on the contract, Elizabeth pulled out all of the stops to protect us including getting us a lawyer and making sure the sale of our home went through. We would not have been able to do all of that without the help of Elizabeth and all of the connections she has. When I refer Elizabeth to friends I say that she is a hard worker, she knows the industry, she knows the neighborhoods and she is someone you can truly trust. She does not lollygag, she works efficiently so that process is smooth and painless. I couldn't recommend her enough.Riad and Denise Yassine We started off about four or four and a half years ago. I was looking into buying either a townhouse or a condo. Elizabeth had worked with my father and stepmother in the past. They highly recommended that I use her so we started looking around winter of 2011 and 2012. She was really helpful working with me as a first time home buyer. Elizabeth is very easy to get along with. She is outgoing and very friendly. Elizabeth differentiated herself by knowing the answer to basically any question I could come up with and if she did not know it she would find out. Especially as a first time home buyer being able to use her as my main resource was incredibly valuable. If I were to refer Elizabeth to a friend I would say that she is extremely knowledgeable about her business and that she will be able to handle anything that comes along.Alex Garcia Elizabeth is uber organized and professional. She gets to know you so that she knows what kind of house you are looking for. There was one house that we were looking at and we both thought that it was what we wanted but she could just tell that it was not right, which really opened our eyes to the flaws of the home and what made it not work for us. It is so easy to get overwhelmed and she did a really great job of keeping our best interests at heart. Elizabeth is very easy going. There was never pressure to buy a house immediately. She was very patient with us and our search including answering all of our questions. Elizabeth truly became a friend of our family. She still checks up on us and sends up comps on our neighborhood to make sure that we know what is going on around us. She could have dropped us but she has stayed in contact with us this whole time. My favorite thing about Elizabeth was that she was a fighter for us. She really had our best interests in mind from selling our house to buying a new house. She was always defending us and protecting us throughout our transactions. Elizabeth is really good at what she does. She is incredibly responsive, making it easy to communicate and get things done. We honestly believe that she is the best real estate agent in Northern Virginia.RL and Jennifer Condra We found Elizabeth at an open house. We were out looking for possible new homes in the Great Falls area and we ran into her. We really liked her personality and her drive. She seemed as though she had a lot of initiative so we decided to kind of grab her hand and let her show us around. She expended a lot of energy taking us to different homes. We have moved all around the country and have had many realtors and she truly stood out as someone who is particularly talented, interested and engaged. Realtors have good people skills and are generally friendly. Elizabeth excelled in both of these areas. It was important to us to have an agent that we felt comfortable talking with who we thought was actually hearing us. Elizabeth had the skills to not only listen to us but also apply that information when choosing options for our family to see. I have referred her to some people in my neighborhood. I have explained that she is incredibly friendly, enjoyable to work with and hard working. I thought the she differentiated herself from other realtors, which made me feel comfortable referring her to friends.Kevin and Debbie B Elizabeth was referred to us by a good friend of ours. She had worked with both the father and his daughter who I am friends with. She helped us look for a new house and we ended up finding a short sale that we liked but we unfortunately lost it. After that we decided to hold off our search for a little while. In the fall of 2009 she helped us buy a townhouse in Herndon and sell my husband’s townhouse in Ashburn. In the spring of 2013 we sold the townhouse in Herndon and bought the house that we are in now. So that would mean that we have done four transactions with her total. Overall I feel like she’s really good at what she does. She explains the process well and is very knowledgeable about the business and things that as a client we might not know like all of the laws and the things we should look out for. On a personal level I feel like she got to know us and really tried to find houses that she thought would work well for us at the time. Elizabeth really has a good eye for things and has a great attention to detail. When we were looking at houses she would explain why a specific layout would or wouldn't work for our family. She also paid attention to anything that would hurt the value of the house later on. We looked at a house that backed up to a business and she told us that we should really stay away from getting a home that has retail places too close by. That was something that we didn't think about so that was really helpful for us when making decisions. She constantly keeps an eye on our neighborhood so that we can keep up with what is going on with house values around us even though we don't have plans to move. She did a really good job at putting comps together for all of the houses that we have sold to help support our price. Something else that she does which was really nice was paying for the stager evaluation because they suggested other ways of getting our house ready for the market besides just clearing our counters like telling us better furniture placement. Elizabeth is kind and very personably. You feel like you can be honest with her without hurting her feelings but Elizabeth is very honest with us even if it wasn't something we necessarily wanted to hear. We saw this especially with the short sale that we lost. Elizabeth was honest about how hard it is to win a short sale and that we were probably not going to get it because banks are very difficult about them. We always felt that everything that she told us was something that she really believed in and not just something that we wanted to hear. She still keeps up with us even though it has been four years since we bought our current house. Elizabeth asks about how the kids are doing and she even invites us to events that she has at her house like her Cabi parties. She is very honest about her schedule and she really does try to make herself as available as possible. Elizabeth is so approachable and easy to talk to. We could talk to her about houses and even just life. We really do see her as a friend and not just as our realtor. Elizabeth differentiated herself from other agents by treated us like we actually meant something to her which really did help her find houses that were good for our family. She made the process custom and did not just try to sell us the nicest most expensive house out there.Paul and Noelle Mallon
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07/21/2017 - iflyabus1
Sold a for approximately $825Khome in 2017 singleFamily in Old Mill Estates, Great Falls, VA 22066.
Elizabeth did a tremendous job in helping us sell our mother's house. The home was very outdated and she gave us wonderful advice in what things we needed to change to make it appealing to buyers and ...

06/18/2017 - d yassine
Bought and sold a for approximately $700Khome in 2007 singleFamily in Hampton Forest, Clifton, VA 20124.
Elizabeth is professional, ethical, connected, and caring. She knows the market and uses her expertise to serve her clients in the best way possible. When our buyer threatened to pull out at the last ...

03/15/2016 - Kdtiger20
Sold ahome in 2016 condo in Sunset Hills, Reston, VA 20190.
Elizabeth facilitated a challenging sale into a smooth sale. Her expertise in the market area and in the negotiating arena are outstanding. I never had to worry about anything falling through the cracks ...

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